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TFD01-01 Split Style Laboratory Syringe Pump



TFD01-01 is a single channel multi-mode micro syringe pump. There are five working modes available: infusion, withdrawal, infusion then withdrawal, withdrawal then infusion and continuous cycle. It has split structure. The execution part is equipped with a mounting bracket to use cooperatively with microscopic operating equipment, stereotaxic instrument and other fixtures. It can be used with 5μL-1000μL microliter syringe. The high precision control is suitable for all kinds of biological experiments. High resolution color touch LCD screen is convenient to set parameters. Multiple indicators show the working status. Built-in RS485 Modbus to work with external control device. TFD01-01 is suitable for syringe size 5μL-1mL, linear force from 1μm/min to 150mm/min.

Flow: 5uL-1000uL
Max: 1 Channel

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Function and Features

  • Color touch LCD screen, physical function keys
  • Working modes available: infusion, withdrawal, infusion then withdrawal, withdrawal then infusion and continuous cycle
  • LF-Touch-GUI software system, stable, reliable and powerful.
  • Split style design, easy to install and operate. Supports screen lock, key mute operation. A variety of standard syringe, customize syringe support. High precision control.
  • RS485 MODBUS interface, to control start/stop and direction.
  • Entire metal shell.


  • Software system: LF-Toutch-GUI (standard); LF-LabComSoft computer control software (optional)
  • Syringe specification: 5μl-1000μL
  • Channel number: 1
  • Max stroke Range: 70 mm
  • Stroke resolution: 0.198 μm/step
  • linear velocity range: 0.635 um/min to 95.25 um/min
  • Linear velocity regulating resolution: 0.635 um/min
  • Linear travel accuracy: error < +/- 0.5% (30%)
  • stroke > maximum stroke
  • Linear thrust, maximum rated: > 20n
  • Thrust adjustment: 1-100% arbitrary adjustable.
  • Syringe selection: built-in syringe manufacturers, choose syringe model; Or custom syringe, direct input syringe diameter
  • Flow correction: through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume
  • Display: 4.3 inch color LCD, 480×272 resolution, color 65K
  • With screen display and transfusion volume, quantity of liquid, flow rate, direction, syringe specification, etc.
  • Animation display for operating status
  • Operation mode: touch screen and physical buttons
  • Power-off memory: keep saved parameters
  • Other features: pause and stop, warning tone, parameters lock
  • Fast forward and retreat quickly
  • Indicator, state signal output: one for stop state, another one for direction state
  • Control signal input: control start/stop and direction
  • Communication interface: RS485, MODBUS
  • Power supply: 90-264V AC / 20W
  • Working temperature: 5~40°C (41~104°F)
  • Working environment relative humidity: < 80% RH
  • Controller dimension: 245x195x133 mm (9.6×7.7×5.2 inch)
  • Drive dimension: 70x44x194mm (2.8×1.7×7.6 inch)
  • Weight: 3.2kg (7.0lbs)

Selection of reference (flow rate= linear speed x syringe cross-sectional area)

Syringe size Syringe ID(mm) Min. flow rate (μL/min) Mix .flow rate(mL/min)
5μL 0.343 0.058 0.009
10μL 0.485 0.117 0.017
25μL 0.728 0.264 0.039
50μL 1.03 0.529 0.079
100μL 1.457 1.058 0.158
250μL 2.303 2.645 0.396
500μL 3.257 5.290 0.793
1000μL 4.606 10.580 1.587