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Pulse damper


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Pulse damper

The LEADFLUID ZN90 series of pulsation dampers is a pressurized container, the container is divided into two upper and lower chambers. The lower chamber has a fluid to be transported through, and the upper chamber is a gas. Due to the compressibility of the gas and the instantaneous absorption of the pulse, the system can obtain a stable flow and pressure and slow down the pulsation of the pipeline.

Model ZN90-PE ZN90-PTFE
Tube 1.6~9.6mm
Connect External thread ~ Pagoda
Volume capacity 180mL
Maximum 0.3Mpa
Dimensions 90x90x90mm
House material PE PTFE
Fluid temperature 0~40℃ 0~80℃
Temperature change <5°C/min <5°C/min
Weight 220g 510g

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