A.DC12V/DC24V motor(Brushless/Brush)

B.Suitable tube: wall thickness 0.86-1mm,Inner diameter≦2.29mm

C.Flow range: ≤60ml

D.Head material: PES&PVDF (Working under 100 degrees)

E.Suitable Tube: pharmed,silicone

Flow: 0.3-80mL
Max: 1 Channel


MC10 pump head introduction



Unique double rotate cassette design makes the lid easy to unload. Star configuration friction drive gives the longer life of tube. The pump head with high strength, high toughness and excellent chemical corrosion resistance, and can be whole disinfection in high temperature. This products cost-effective and also be used in bulk.


Shell material: PES

Roller material: PTFE

Roll number: 3

Gap adjustment: fixed

Channel number: 1

Suitable tube: wall thickness 0.86-1mm, Inner diameter≦2.29mm

Flow range: 0.3-80mL

Speed range: 500rpm (do not suggested long time running in a highest speed)

Head material: PES&PVDF (Working under 100 degrees)

Motor: 12V /24V mini- DC motor

Pressure: 0.10MPa

Temperature: under 100 degrees

Suitable Tube: viton,pharmed,silicone

Weight: 100g


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