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Home  »  The future development direction of peristaltic pump
Home  »  The future development direction of peristaltic pump

The future development direction of peristaltic pump

Baoding Leadfluid technology development today to share a peristaltic pump:

With the present highly developed society, the multiplicity of goods has brought unlimited business opportunities to the creeping pump industry, making people’s life full of color. For example: laboratories, factories, instruments and other walks of life. The most widely used is the variety of food now. In order to better promote people’s consumption, all kinds of food processing will start, when the peristaltic pump will have a lot of uses, it will save labor and save time. At the same time, the other side of over packaging has become more and more social problems. This kind of excessive packaging is highlighted in the traditional festivals. For example, the excessive packaging of the moon cake, the cost of packaging has greatly exceeded the value of the moon cake itself, even a hundred times. From a practical point of view, it is a great waste of social resources, which runs counter to the thought of low carbon society.

One kind of glass bottle has more than ten thousand kinds of bottle type. In order to adapt to these bottles, the peristaltic pump has to develop the so-called universal peristaltic pump. The filling measurement is infinitely large from 0-, and the equipment can adapt to all bottle types. The filling precision and stability performance and the practical degree of the equipment are discounted. If the future packaging industry has a standard for a commodity packaging form effective provisions, packaging specifications effectively, recommend the most appropriate filling equipment, this will undoubtedly make the resources and efficiency has been a qualitative change, such as the present domestic supermarkets appear in olive oil packaging. The specifications are basically the same, and there is not much change. This is not used in this way, which is more in line with the requirements of low carbon society. Therefore, the development orientation of the future peristaltic pump is determined by the standardization of the packaging industry.

Peristaltic pump with two-way flow equivalent transmission capacity; no liquid cargo transfer without any part of the pump damage; can produce up to 98% vacuum; no valves, mechanical seals and packing seal, no leakage and maintenance of these factors can be easily transported; solid and liquid or gas-liquid mixture the fluid, allowing fluid contained within the solid diameter tubular element diameter of 40%; it can transport all kinds of grinding, corrosion, oxygen sensitive characteristics of the material and all kinds of food; only the hose for the replacement parts need to be replaced, operation is very simple; the hose, the delivery of products does not contact with any member.